Fishing Lures Topwater Sinking Minnow Riser Lip for All Fish Species 40mm/70mm

Short Description:

Length: 40mm/70mm

Weight: 5.5g/8.5g

Material: ABS plastic

Position: Rivers and reservoirs

Style: Sinking

Hook: can be customized BKK or Mustad

Package: PE bag; pvc box or can be customized

Product Detail

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Premium Material - The Minnow made of durable ABS structure, with sharp stainless steel hook, metal riser lip, its vivid action “Fly - Retrieving - Sudden rise” and various colors attract fish more effectively.

Generally, the "lip" of a lure is for diving or swimming the lure. The RISER lip has the characteristic that it just winds and the lure rises to the surface of the water in response to the water current.
Furthermore, since lures with heavy weights can be floated on the surface of the water, it is possible to increase the weight to increase the flight distance.
This is the one and only lure that can fly to a distant point like a jig minnow and draw the surface of the water with a minnow-shaped body.

Excellent Design - The best feature is its innovative lip also known as "riser lip". It is a lip that plays the opposite role of raising a "heavy body" that produces outstanding flight distance to the surface of the water, instead of the conventional lip for diving like minnows and shad.
It is an item that allows you to capture the surface of the water by putting it in the range even at long distances that could not be reached with a top water hardbait of the same size.

Instruction - It's very easy to use. Just by winding it, you can act like a small fish (bait fish) that escapes from the surface layer while shaking your head from side to side, and if you add action with rod work, you can also produce a panic action on the surface of the water. RISER's unique action that fascinates the surface of the water captivates all fish eaters.

PE125 (1)
PE125 (5)
PE125 (7)
PE125 (10)
PE125 (12)
PE125 (16)
PE125 (19)
PE125 (2)
PE125 (4)
PE125 (8)
PE125 (11)
PE125 (14)
PE125 (17)
PE125 (20)
PE125 (3)
PE125 (6)
PE125 (9)
PE125 (13)
PE125 (15)

Package Info

Our general packaging is PVC box or PE bag with bulk packing, can also be customized according to customer requirements.

The carton box materials can meet international standards to ensure the safety of the product during transportation.



Please inform us your instruction, by sea, by air or by express, any way is OK with us, we have professional forwarder to provide the best service and guarantee with reasonable price.



We accept PAYPAL, Western Union, T/T,  irrevocable L/C at sight. Please contact us for additional information on how to pay or any inquiries regarding payment.


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